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Hey There!

So you want to become a traffic controller? Thats awesome!

It's a pretty good job when you work with the right people. 

The pays good, you get to get outside and see some cool places and you can be part of an awesome team of super stars if you get on board with us.

Alright, check out below to see what you need to do before we can get you on a crew.

The serious stuff you need so you can work on site

  • White care / general induction card (MUST HAVE)

    • Traffic controllers are part of the construction industry. You need this to work on any site.​

  • SafeWork NSW Traffic Control Work Training card

    • Traffic Controller (MUST HAVE)

      • This teaches you how to spin the stop/slow bat​

      • You'll also learn how to control the lights on site

      • Most importantly you will learn how to keep everyone safe. You, you're crew and the public.

    • Traffic Management Implementer (MUST HAVE TO BE A GOOD TEAM PLAYER)

      • This teaches you how to read a TGS (Traffic Guidance Scheme - the plan that shows where the signs go)​

      • You'll learn how to set up and take down a site

      • Again, important safety measures to help you become an even safer TC (Traffic Controller)

      • ​Having this qualification means you can help with all requirements on site. We see everyone as equal so if you can't help our crew with signs it makes their work load a lot heavier and it's not in line with our values - Do your best to make everything as fair as possible.​

    • Traffic management Designer (PWZTMP) (Optional for entry level)

      • This one teaches you how to design the TMP & TGS​

      • If you want to grow into other roles within TCG you will need this, but that can be discussed later.

    • Drivers Licence (Highly desired)

      • This is so you can get yourself to work and back home!​

      • It is unlikely we will employ people who don't drive because it's not fair on our crew if you can't get to work and they are short staffed or have to spend their morning trying to organize someone to cover you. 

That's the main stuff you need.

It's not a lot and can open a world of opportunites to get out and join our team!

TCG don't offer these courses, we just get you on the team and out with a crew after you are qualified and ready to become one of our super stars (they really are super stars, you'll see once you are one of them). Send in an enquiry and we can guide you to the right place to get started.

Ask us for more details

The first step to becoming one of our team

Awesome, we look forward to seeing you soon!

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