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Traffic Management Specialists

We offer Traffic Management throughout Northern NSW.

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The traffic management industry is constantly evolving and improving. 

Legislation and technology trends change which in turn require procedures and equipment to be updated.

We have controls in place to ensure we are at the forefront of these changes and reflect this by constantly making improvements to our systems when necessary.


How we ensure superior Traffic Management services

Traffic Management is the core of The Control Group.

Our directors have all the necessary industry qualifications and requirements. They have done work as labourers, supervisors and managers on civil, commercial and private sites.

Keeping up to date with training, legislation and experience on-site ensure we have compliant, effective practices in place to offer the best service we possibly can.

Traffic Management services we offer

After refining our skills on site the next logical step was to increase our knowledge and qualifications and design Traffic Management Plans.

Reading, understanding and implementing TMP's was a starting point followed by training and practice with the result of achieving the Prepare Workzone Traffic Management Plan card.

Using accredited, top of the line software ensures the combination of knowledge and experience result in delivering professional and compliant traffic management solutions to our clients.


Assisting local training business with training new controllers eliminates the chance our skills and knowledge will ever become stagnant.

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