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Join the Team at TCG

We want you to know what to expect when you join our team. We don't employ for skill, we employ for culture. We will teach you how to be a traffic controller but it's up to you to be a decent person and an awesome team player. We love the team we have so we will only keep people on the team who will make work even more awesome than it already is. Our team work hard and make everyday on site a little bit better because they work as a team. There is zero chance we will keep anyone on our site just because you have more skill, you must be a team player.  ​ You can be anything you want to be. You can choose to be positive and polite. You can learn and grow. We support you with all of this. Watch and learn how our team communicate when its serious so they get their job done to the best of thier abbility and then see how they laugh and joke about the funny parts of our jobs and daily lives. ​ If you want to be better and grow into a position that can offer you more, we can help you with that as well.  We create training programs so you can keep learning and becoming the best you can be. These are developed in house with the collaboration of our entire team. TCG are a special bunch and we can gaurantee that if anyone want's to join the team they will get the best support they can. We're proud to have a dedicated team, each with their unique backgrounds and experiences. Our commitment to equal opportunities means that everyone, regardless of their level of expertise, has a chance to shine. What sets us apart is our personalized, one-on-one training system. It's designed to help those who may need a little extra guidance and support to reach their full potential. Imagine the excitement of joining a team where you can learn and grow, becoming the best version of yourself right here in your community. Our training program doesn't stop there. Seasoned and senior employees provide valuable insights on a shift-to-shift basis, ensuring you have all the tools you need to succeed. And remember, you can always request additional training to boost your confidence and understanding on the job. Join us at TCG and be a part of a dynamic, thriving team that's all about local talent and personal growth!

Our onboarding process is digital.


Read carefully before you continue.

This is the first part of the interview process

(seeing if you care as much as our team does)

The application process

Through out this process you can access your application through the link sent to you in the email.

Do NOT create a new application if you have already started one.

First section asks for this information: 

  • Your Details

  • Emergency Contact Details

  • Right to Work Details

  • Language

  • Pre-Existing Injury/Illness & Drug and Alcohol Testing

  • Referee Details

  • Criminal History

  • Declaration

What you will need to upload:

  • Drivers Licence (required)

  • Traffic Control Work Card/s - the expiry date can be set to 2050 (required)

  • Whitecard / General Induction Card (required)

  • Any tickets/VOC's/Licences for machinery (optional)

  • First Aid Certificate (optional)

Show me more tips so I can make sure my application is perfect! What do people do incorrectly that I can avoid? When we ask you to upload a photo make sure it is the exact photo we ask for. Front of card photo should be of that card only, not all of them. They must be clear photos and be of the entire card, not missing the edge. What if my file won't upload? We suggest using a computer to get them uploaded. If you have a library or you are with a job agency they can help you. I can't do my applicaiton, can you do it for me? No. We can offer suggestions but you must complete your applicaiton yourself. We are a digital company and you will be required to use your phone to do your work. We can train you and give you the skill you need but we can not do it for you. Can I call you and get you to do this for me? We prefer you don't call as we are often on the phone training people who have finished their application or supporting our current team. If you would like us to call you please send us an email explaining what you need help with and we can organize someone with the appropriate knowledge to call you. Is this worth it? Only if you want to work with an awesome team, that's your choice.

You will now reach hold point 1.
TCG might contact you for an interview over the phone once your application has been reviewed

Second section asks for:

  • Bank Details (required)

  • Superannuation Details (required)

  • Tax File Declaration Information (required)

  • Long Service Leave Details (optional)

What else you will need to do:

  • Download the TFN Declaration, sign complete and upload

  • Download TCG Policies and Procedures

You will now reach hold point 2.
TCG will review your application and you will receive an email notifying you if you are successful or not.

Click to select the state you are qualified for 

A new window will open and you can start your application.

Do not apply for more than one location.

You don't need to contact us.

We will receive an email once you have submitted your application.

We will review your application.

You will receive an email notifying you of your progress.

Its that easy!

If you are successful you will be required to download your contact to sign and then upload. This is the final stage.

Once you become part of our team you will be required to complete eLearning Modules online through Staffd before commencing work on TCG sites.

This RMS designed course is required to be completed by any persons required to work on an RMS Regional Maintenance Site.

For more work opportunities, click the link in the orange box and complete the course. 

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